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Common FAQs 2016-11-03T03:38:44+00:00
How Can I Extend The Life Of My Hair? 2016-11-03T03:40:05+00:00

The more care you take looking after your My Catwalk Hair extensions the longer they will last and well maintained human hair extensions have been known to last for up to three years when worn frequently.

We only sell the best quality Remy Human Hair so if you take extra care and use good quality products on the hair it will keep the hair extensions in new condition extending their life.

Can I Wash My Hair Extensions? 2016-11-03T03:40:05+00:00

Yes of course! Simply use warm water and wash your My Catwalk Hair extensions using a good quality Sulphate Free shampoo and conditioner.

We also recommend using a deep conditioning treatment after every wash as it will give your hair extensions much needed nutrients. Never scrub shampoo through the extensions directly, instead let the shampoo naturally run through the hair and rinse to finish.

Can I Sleep Easily With My Hair Extensions In? 2016-11-03T03:40:05+00:00

Both semi-permanent hair extensions (Tape Weft, Micro Bead, Micro Loop) and Clip In hair extensions can be worn full time, however Clip In extensions are very quick and easy to take out yourself at home.

It’s best to braid your hair or tie it back in a plait while sleeping for extra care and remember to never sleep with wet hair to avoid extra grooming the next day.

How Do The Clip In Extensions Attach To My Natural Hair? 2016-11-03T03:40:05+00:00

My Catwalk Hair extensions are made in sections to wrap around the natural shape of your head. Each pack comes with a complete full head of 10 x pieces made up with:

2x 8 inches (20cm) with 4x clips
2x 5.5 inches (11cm) with 3x clips
2x 3 inches (7.6cm) with 2x clips
4x 1.5 inches (3.8cm) with 1x clip

Each section has top quality non slip clips that attach the extension to your natural hair that are specially designed and silicone backed so they don’t slip out or damage your own hair.

We also have half head 7 x piece Clip In extensions available to purchase for those who are looking for extra volume and styling.

Are The Clip In Extensions Noticeable? 2016-11-03T03:40:05+00:00

The clips are the same colour as your hair extensions so they won’t be noticed and once the clips are inserted at different intervals throughout the hair, no one will know your hair is not your own.. But you!

What Does Double Wefted Hair Mean? 2016-11-03T03:40:05+00:00

We only use the highest quality double wefted hair, which means the hair strands are meticulously sorted by hand to ensure all the hairs in a weft (one extension) are of the same length from top to bottom.

Our extensions don’t become thin, wispy and short at the bottom like other cheaper quality hair extensions on the market. Double wefted hair means your hair looks thicker and fuller with more body.